Hēl-Zal™ Lab Results

Independently Tested for Quality Assurance


Hēl-Zal™ CBD products, distributed exclusively through Colorado’s Best Distributors, contain some of the highest concentrations of CBD available to consumers. See our most recent independent lab results below.

%=%(w/w) = Percent (Weight of Analyte / Weight of Product)
*Total Cannabinoids result reflects the absolute sum of all cannabanoids detected
**Total Potential THC/CBD is calculated using the following formulas to take into account the loss of a carboxyl group during decarboxylation step

Total THC = THC + (THCa *(0.877)) and Total CBD = CBD + (CBDa *(0.877))

From Botanacore: Testing results are based solely upon the sample submitted to Botanacore Laboratories, LLC, in the condition it was received. Botanacore Laboratories, LLC warrants that all analytical work is conducted professionally in accordance with all applicable standard laboratory practices using validated methods. Data was generated uing an unbroken chain of comparison to NIST traceable Reference Standards and Certified Reference Materials. This report may not be reproduced , except in full, without the written approval of Botanacore Laboratories, LLC. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited A2LA Certificate Number 4329.02