About Hēl-Zal™ CBD Products

All Natural Full Spectrum Lotions, Salves, Tinctures, Capsules and More

Product Purity

Made from the finest hemp strains, Hēl-Zal™ products contain some of the purest CBD available on the market today. Each Hēl-Zal™ order includes the results from our latest independent lab test. 


Hēl-Zal™ CBD products are made from all natural, 100% organic Hemp strains. Our hand-selected proprietary strain of hemp is grown under a Department of Agriculture Approved hemp program, with ZERO herbicides or pesticides. 


Hēl-Zal™ CBD tinctures, lotions and salves are manufactured in lab-quality environments using a proprietary cold-press extraction process to ensure consistent quality. 


Hēl-Zal™ CBD is derived from 100% legal hemp plants. Our full spectrum products contain .06% THC, far below minimum legal requirements. While hemp, CBD and related products are legal at the federal level, we encourage you to research the laws in your area.


Hēl-Zal™ CBD products, distributed exclusively through Colorado’s Best Distributors, ship discreetly right to your door via the US Postal Service. All orders include tracking information, product profiles and our most recent lab results.

Proper Use

Prolonged or excessive use of full spectrum CBD consumables may cause minor side effects. Always consult with your physician before adding any supplement to your personal health regiment.